Wednesday, October 2, 2013

When a building's too tall, shorten it.

When the first bent went up, it was clear that the building was too tall.  The problem was that raising the bent took a massive amount of effort, and once we had it up, we had little interest in lowering it back down.  The solution?  We cut the other two bents down, used the tall one to help raise them to vertical, and then cut the tall one in place.  At this time my neighbor Fred had come over and was more than willing to help out.  We used an eight by eight to balance the middle of the bent, braced the whole thing with a few slabs of wood, measured and cut the height, and then lowered it down. The lowering of the thing was a bit sketchy, but it all went pretty smoothly, and the best thing about it was working with my son and getting to know Fred.

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