Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Roof Diving for the slow: all for 300 bucks

At a certain point, age and experience are supposed to provide some benefits. Not so here.  I came back on a beautiful spring day to finish off the shingles, forgetting that I had tacked the roofing brackets in with one inch roofing nails. So I got the ladder out, headed up on the roof with my trusty hammer and bundle of shingles and started to work.  The bracket slipped out after about five minutes and I pulled a slow motion leap from slightly lower than twelve feet.  I landed it, rolled over on the grass, and did not feel my 54 years of age until the morning, which was not good.  Regardless, the shingling went on the next day with much more care.

At this point I have roughly 300 dollars into the building.  That's three squares of shingles and some drip edge.  The rest has been hand cut or salvaged.  The granite that forms the footings was found on craigslist for free.  Someone had torn out a fireplace and needed the cut stone gone.

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