Monday, September 30, 2013

Rafters and shape

Before setting the rafters, there was one piece of business that had to be attended to.  The main beam on the west side was a bit misshapen and needed to be squared with the rest of the building.  The only available tool was a chainsaw, so I snapped another line with the trusty old chalk box and went to work.  The sawdust on the ground in this photo is the reult of the cut, as is the fresh white wood on the beam itself.  It went well although cutting ten feet off the ground is no fun. But it allowed me to proceed with the rafters, which I was able to put up solo in the course of six hours or so.  There's a small flare at the base of the rafters, a look I like, and something that adds a bit more character to the structure.

By the end of the day, the rafters are in.  In the foreground is the salvaged ship lap I have ready to go for the roof.

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