Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Will I never learn? POS Repair

So there are many times in my life when I'm pressed for time and want to get things done. The frequent outcome is some piece of shoddy work that I will feel bad about every time I look at it.  This was the case with the sliding door for the little beasty building. I had limited time to work, and I was so focused on functionality that aesthetics simply vanished.

So the outcome was a rough cut, ugly structure that worked, but just kept getting uglier with every glance.  Even my "cabin goggles" wouldn't work.  I tried to envision it as a utilitarian statement, but no go.  So I took today to try a different tact and had fun creating something that I like.

I had some 5" X 7" beams gathered from a friend's discard pile..  Free stuff and a little time goes a long way.

I had to thaw the beams in the kitchen sink to remove the snow and ice that had built up on them, and then I went to work with a circular saw, a grinder with a chain saw blade on it, and some patience.And ultimately I came up with some sculpted wood that has some character to it.  It's still unrefined, replete with tools marks, but it is more fitting for the building.

The next step was heading to the building site to put them in.  And I was quickly rewarded by the new look of the supports for the steel rod that carries the sliding door.
The cap that covers the sliding mechanism is temporary.  Still looking for a rough cut two by ten to take its place.

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