Thursday, November 7, 2013

Siding is Starting

As early November arrives with occasional snow, it's time to side the building.  The materials have been found, and I started it yesterday.  It's an interesting process.  I'm putting the rough and unpainted side out. My assumption is that the paint contains lead, so I will box it in, and do both the interior and exterior in this same wood. Some of the wood is pine, and some is douglas fir, so the various textures are pretty.  I think I'm going to finish it with raw linseed oil to try and bring out the grain.

The bottom six inches will be pressure treated, and I wrapped tar paper around the first 36 inches of the building.  I have enough wood to also do the inside.  When all is done, it should emerge as a cute little structure.

The resin in the pine is still pungent.  Interesting.  It was milled 123 years ago and still smells fresh.


samh said...

Will you insulate?

Peter said...

Nope. The building will be used mostly for storage, wood working, and eye candy.

h. said...

Neat project. Maybe 'neat' is a bit of an understatement. There's something downright magic about cladding a timber frame in a 100 year old train station. Appreciate you sharing in so much detail.

P.s. Couldn't support you more in using linseed oil on the exterior. Give that wood a chance to glow again.

samh said...

It's already looking great!